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Friday, January 16, 2009

Social Networking Sites: a Tool in Politics?

Nobody can deny the power that social networking sites may bring in terms of influencing people of their decisions, views in life and sometimes even in religion. I mean, the internet brings anonymity to those who choose not to be known to public. Thus, giving people the chance to be themselves, to play, to be free, to enjoy the company of other unknown individuals, to live their fantasy in the internet, or just to have fun by simply telling others to f*ck themselves(just joking, no offense intended). Social networking sites have served as a medium for this. This is also where people can share ideas, and change other peoples perception of that idea.

It isn't a surprise that politicians would use these social networking sites as a tool in campaign for their candidacy. First, it reaches many places, even the ones that a politician can never visit., Second, it has great appeal on this generation, most especially on the youth. Lastly, its cheap.

Nah, you already have the knowledge on most of what I am writing in here. Just thought I wanted to share my say on this matter. I say to the politicians, F*CK YOU (again, I'm just joking, no offense intended), lol! Kidding aside, I posted this article because I found this news article I would want to share.
Title: Obama poised to be first 'wired' president
Source: CNN.com

The article is about the sort of campaign of the newly elected US president to reach people via social networking sites. Will it be effective? **** *** Obama! (you fill it up, again, no offense intended) :)