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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Rio: Overcoming the Fear of Flight! - A Movie Review

Indeed, it has been refreshing to see a movie so unpretentious, especially in today's world where movies are all about special effects and violence. Rio has been like a blast of cold and fresh air.

The movie is about Blu, a domesticated macaw from small-town Minnesota, who, being the last of its kind, travels with Linda, his owner, to mate with his only living female counterpart. However, things go wrong the moment the two blue macaws gets abducted.

It has been a very long time that I laughed so hard during the screening in which I attended. The funny moments are intelligent, yet they are realistic in nature that anyone, kids and adults alike, really find them hilarious. This may be owing to the fact that, despite the exaggeration of speaking animals, the characters are someone we can relate to, with special mention to the main character, Blu. Throughout the movie, we share his experiences together in a very comprehensive manner. The audience feel the fear of flight just as Blu does, we fall in love with Jewel just as he does, etc. And this is what I like in a movie, the connection the main charaters to its audience.

Being a tech junkie, the animation of Rio is also commendable. The crisp and the variety of colors really fit with its characters and the setting, which is in Rio de Janeiro. How'd I love to go in there! There has been a great improvement with animation as we progress with technology. Being said, it is of great recommendation that one experience it in 3D cinemas. A little expensive, but totally worth it.

If I'd get the chance, I'll go see it again. 4 stars out of 5!