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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hikikomori - Caused by Technology?

The rapid change of technology these days is the main reason why our age has been dubbed as the age of the Rise of Innovations. True. Technological innovations are being created every day, if not every second. Thus, also creating stir that we, the people using and creating them, need to cope with the changes that these bring.

Good thing if we can adapt to these changes. What if we can't?

Since all men feel pressure from the world and from other people, some people react by completely separating themselves. Hikikomori is term that Japanese use referring to the sociological phenomenon wherein some people choose to "withdraw" themselves from other people. In other words, they preferred to confine from their social lives, living in complete isolation. This is done by not talking to other people or even trying to interact with others, which ends up that they have very few friends, if none at all. In most cases, like that in Japan, youth would tend to lock up themselves in their room for a long period of time, sometimes taking years. There are many factors that may cause this, whether it would be a personal reason or a social one.
One of which reason that could trigger Hikikomori is the disability to cope with the changes in technology. Most youth, due to monetary limitations, tend to separate from others thinking that it is better since they are unable to use the current fad, like new cellphones or digital cameras. Their envy results to this decision, thinking that their incaspacity to cope will make their interaction with others very difficult.

Another reason may also be the complete opposite of the first. Some would tend to seclude themselves as they are very busy with the latest technology that they got in hand. For example, instead of going outside to socialize, young people would often prefer to stay inside their rooms and try out the newly released video game.

See how technology sometimes become a problem.

This can, however, be fixed with interaction with others and a little guidance and discipline from their family. Or if this is not enough, try reaching out with a good psychological advise. But most of all, try putting a little touch of humanity when we use technology. By then we can fully utilize and share the main objective of technology. Connection.

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