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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Year, New Technological Expectations

Happy New Year, everyone. At last, the turmoil 2008 brought to the world has ended and this time, 2009 kicks in. This year might bring better economic stance or the other way around, but one thing you can never leave behind are the expectations for this year.

The year 2009 surely promises change. Sounds familiar with a speech of a US presidential candidate, ey, but this is what many expect. I expect changes, too. And to focus on the theme of our blog, I decided to post my expectations from 2009 with regard to technological innovations and everything else under the sun. Here goes the few.
  • Microsoft Advancement. Lets face it, Vista's great interface and design did not cover up for the errors, bugs and incompatibilities it brought. But this year promises great hope for Microsoft. The new OS they're developing, known as Windows 7 for the moment, has great potential. I have read online, and few of my friends that has tried the beta version actually liked it. (I haven't had the chance to try it) It may bring hope and shed new light for the falling giant.
  • Blu-ray Affordability. Let's face it. It gives a new definition to our movie experience at home. As far as I know, no major problems has occurred.(Speaking of problems, I was shocked by the leap year bug of Microsoft Zune! Nah, goodluck Microsoft.) One major problem of Blu-ray players is, well, they eat too much of your budget. Well, ehem...
  • Smarter Technology Movies. Being a big fan of movies, I cannot help it but wish more for the movie industry.This year had Wall-e and Iron Man, but other than those, nothing was set on stone.
  • Internet Availability. Yes, internet has been more accessible last year compared from other previous year, but I want more. It would really be great if the World Wide Web goes cheaper so that many more will enjoy its wonders. I hope stronger connection between different culture.(Shocking as it is, many countries does not have access to the internet.)
I still have many hopes for the new year. But while we enjoy the innovations this year, lets not forget what good things the previous year have given to us.

Thanks to the readers of this blog. Though there aren't that much of you and you get here so random, I owe you everything. This week, this blog gained a PageRank of 2, and it couldn't have happened without you. Thanks to YOU, thanks 2008 and welcome 2009! :)

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