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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Movie Bosses is Listening to Your Tweets

I was actually doing my daily news reading when I found this article at IMDB.com as reported by Studio Briefing. Just wanted to share this great, yet disturbing, kinda funny news about movie bosses listening to your tweets.
In a clear reminder that all that Twitters isn't told to just a small circle of friends, a woman who had been tweeting about trying to download a copy of Adventureland from a BitTorrent site found a message from the movie's distributor, Miramax: "Cmon Amanda, don't do it. #adventureland # fbi." The message took the form of a thumb-typing instant-message writer, lacking case and punctuation, and appeared to be a warning that the FBI might take action against Amanda if she actually found a copy of Adventureland to download. She did not. She did, however, respond to the Miramax tweet. "Okay I won't, Just For You." This time Miramax responded by offering her a free ticket to see the movie. "I was pretty surprised about it," Amanda told the TorrentFreak website. "I couldn't find a working Adventureland torrent anyway."
Just wondering what'll they say if I tweet... nah never mind.

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