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Monday, July 27, 2009

Blogging is in my blood!


Its been awhile since my last update. I know there are many things that we need to talk about, however, time is one of my problems nowadays.

Its been about two months since I started teaching Flash Animation and Java Programming to high school students. And I can say that there are alot of ups and downs and twist and turns with my current profession. After all, TEACHING isn't noble for no reason at all.

Teaching has opened alot of new perspectives for me. I mean, I can better understand and relate to how my previous mentors actually feel. (Now I understand that even the most silent of all the whispers between two students in the most secluded place in a classroom is very very VERY distractive.)

I will never deny the fact that I miss the things I did before that I can't now. I miss my previous job and BLOGGING!! Yep! That is why even with a very busy schedule, I really took the time to post this! Yeah!

So far, so great! The job gives me alot of challenges and I can say, I am even a better person after 2 months. I am always inspired to go to school. So, is teaching really for me? Is this the end of my quest to find my rightful place in this world? Too early to tell, but I can't say never. After all, I'm currently a loving a job I never really imagined myself since my birth up until the day I passed my resume. Hmmm....

Time moves soooo fast!

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