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Friday, October 31, 2008

My 5 Best Websites (and those that didn't quite fit...)

As of today, almost all of the business and companies owns a site, ranging from small and single entrepreneur to large corporations. Regardless of the fact that sites are made to attract people, many sites just simply do not hit the target. Well, there are just few that stand out. I am not saying this is the best sites on the net, but here are the ones that tops my list:

5. Harvard University (http://www.harvard.edu/)

One doesn't need to be a genius to go and navigate in the site, plus the graphics are very simple yet simply outstanding!

4. Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/)

Online shopping has never been this inviting. Shoppers who would log on to this site would be dazzled by the choices it gives to its users. The navigation is very user friendly plus search engines love to display Amazon pages on its first SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) which only proves the post that is well optimized for marketing.Link

3. National Gallery of Art (http://www.nga.gov/)

An art website cannot be more artistic and could go no better with the NGA website. Simple, elegant, great interface, quality content, and in other words, simply outstanding!

2. Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Page)

Their content maybe unreliable, but people, internet users and even students often go to Wikipedia to go and research information. This is simply one of the best sites wherein people can go and share ideas, opinion, trusted links. The website has outstanding interfaces, very categorized content and great design, it wouldn't be a big surprise that most visitors would remember where things, information and links are located after just one look!!!

And the best site for me is.... drumroll please... tada!

1. Internet Movie Database (http://www.imdb.com/)

Hands down, this is the best site for me. Very cool interface, great design and great overall content. This site contains valuable information for stars, television shows and movies. It also contains spoofs and trivia that would leave its users more reasons to go back and revisit the site again. User friendly, and contains comprehensive information supplied by both producers and users alike. It also has a forum for that certain program or person that is very optimized that even users with very low connection can still go with the hype. Definitely the best website for its category.

There you have it. The 5 Best Sites for me. You may disagree with me but these for me are the best sites that I have encountered. If you have any comments and suggestions, feel free to post it in here... yadda...

How about those on my bottom five? Here it goes:
5. NBC (http://www.nbc.com/) - Such a big network for such a bad website. It's interface are most of the time covered by the adds, takes forever to load(on all its pages!), there are adds everywhere, and lastly more adds everywhere!
4. Guitar Tabs (http://www.guitartabs.com/) - Great potential, went into waste.
3. Uncyclopedia (http://uncyclopedia.wikia.com/wiki/Main_Page) - See my second best site and then negate it...
2. Haven Works (http://havenworks.com/) - Doesn't contain any qualities a good site should have, take a look and be astounded!
1. 5 Safe Points (http://www.5safepoints.com/) - See above, only worse.

DISCLAIMER: The following are just my personal information. These websites may update their pages but these are just my findings as of today. I do not own any images posted in the article. The images belong to the specific sites it was posted. Thanks...

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  1. Nice list. You have a good taste.. Idool! Idool! Heheh