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Monday, November 3, 2008

Learn How Not to Use Powerpoint!

Here is a presentation by Don McMillan, called The Life and Death by Powerpoint. I know This has been posted everywhere in the internet, but go check it out.

Funny, yet many of us still commit most of the mistakes that were mentioned in the presentation. Haha, can't stop laughing every time I view this video.

The main lesson of the presentation that it is always best to simplify your presentation. A good presentation does not need too many animated figures or illustrations. You do not need to over emphasize things by putting excessive bullets, or unnecessary font styles and unlikely color background.

Keep your presentation simple, use light color schemes, formal font styles, use bullets only when you want to emphasize important key point, do not over crowd your graphical presentations and lastly, avoid distractive animations. The content of your presentation must also be relevant and focused on the topic, needs to be direct (except on times needed not to) and must easily be understood. After all, that is the objective on making a presentation. To be understood.

Don McMillan graduated last 1982 from Stanford University with a Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering. He is famous for his works on making Corporate Comedies. Learn more of Don McMillan.

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