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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Website Optimization and Link Building Tips

Want to optimize your site to be very organic and search engine friendly? I posted some tips on Virtual Assistant Inc blog about the focus on the content for your website. Here is an excerpt:
Website optimization means that we do the best in order for the website to be compatible to all its users, or in oder words, we maximize its usability. By users we mean, those who are visiting the site. There are instances that people use an outdated browser or a non-flash compatible one, and we do not want them not to be able to navigate the website we are making. We also want to maximize the web pages to be very friendly to the search engines, in order for it to find your content. But what are the things to consider to optimize your website?

To read full account, please visit the post about Website Optimization.

On the other hand, building links is also important. I also made another post with regard to the things to consider upon building links.
Upon outsourcing, one of the first things most website owners would consider is directing traffic to their site and adding its popularity. But how can this be done?

One of the best way to do this is by Link Building. Link building means that we create links that will direct other people to your site. This is also one of the things that Google takes into consideration upon assessing the importance of your content. And how can we build these links? There are many ways to make links.

If you're interested, read my post about Building Quality Links.

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