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Friday, September 4, 2009

When Career and GOD Work

Heyya!It's been a long time since my last post. And come to think about it, I miss doing this! The last few days, or weeks, has been very very busy. With all the papers to check, the examination to make, the lessons to prepare, not to mention the stress (and additional work) the burning of our computer lab caused, it felf like I was really about to give up TEACHING.

Hmmm.... I'm tired of too much drama, but the last few days really made me realized that I need to grow up (or go younger). Tests came in one after the other. Hush!

But the GREAT thing about my current career is that we always take the time to PRAY and converse with GOD. Even with our busy schedules, deadlines to meet, we still pause and give HIM the TIME.

This made me realize, GOD, I love this.

.When Career and GOD WorkA picture I took when I was working with my student's grades.

lol! Too much drama, eh? Anyways, Please take the time to read the official site for my student's computer subjects at EREGIA.COM. I may post updates there from time to time. Thanks!

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