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Sunday, August 15, 2010

On Computer Games and Surveys

A former student of mine asked my help with a paper in one of their classes (I'd assume in Filipino) and it made me think of some of my stand on computer gaming. Well, it was a little research wherein I would answer few questions. Well, I'm not a fan of surveys but since she was good in my class (and a very nice student), I gave in. Just wanna share my answers. (translated in english)

1. What is your current profession?
I am currently teaching computer to high school students in Ateneo de Iloilo.

2. How old are you?

3. Why are you giving importance to playing computer games?
Playing computer games help me with my focus on tasks ahead of me. On instances that I'm fatigued with work, along with opening social networking sites, it helps me clear my mind off things, giving me the more opportunity to compose my thoughts better.

4. When you were still studying, how do you manage your time between playing computer games and your studies?
To be honest, during my college years, I got addicted to online games. It came to the point where I skip classes just to play. I do not know how, but it came to point where I realized it was unhealthy, so I made a decision to leave my 3 year old account and give more focus with my studies. though I still use game applications, online games are off-limits.

5. Why are you giving all your with playing computer games?
During the times where I was addicted to online games, the main reason why I continue playing is because it gives me a sort of feeling of fulfillment. Finishing quests and leveling up increased my confidence and self-esteem. (It was only later that I realized it does the opposite)

Please understand that these was true in my came but may not be for you. Don't try this at home! LOL! Yadda!

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