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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pinoy on Technology

The surge of the use of technology and the boost of social networking sites these days is proved to also be true with the Filipinos. Juan de la Cruz seems not to far to the currents trend, just as recent surveys has showed.

First up, the just released 2008 Functional Literacy and Mass Media Survey (FLEMMS) results indicated that 58 million of the estimated 67 million Pinoy with ages 10 to 64 years old are functionally literate, or they can read, write, compute, and comprehend. This is a big improvement as to the functional literacy rate is now 86.4% compared to the 2003 FLEMMS result, which was 84.1%. More details of the report can be read in The Manila Bulletin official website.

On another hand, the latest report of the IT research and advisory firm Gartner Inc. states that the Philippines leads Asia on worldwide social media usage. In simpler terms, Pinoys are the most avid users of social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, in Asia.

The report had said that, "While Asia's biggest economies have been slow to embrace the global social communities of Facebook, Yahoo and Twitter, many countries in the region have followed the adoption patterns of Europe and the US. The most avid social networkers are in the Philippines, where Facebook is the country's most visited Internet site."

Does the two reports mean something that is good, I don't know? But it does mean that we are improving. Despite of the problems we encounter, I am still proud to be pinoy! Yeeehaa!

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