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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Alien Technology and etc.

Ever wondered if life outside earth exists? If they do, what would they look like? Would they look like humans?

Last saturday, I watched the movie The Day The Earth Stood Still. Yes, the remake of the most rated sci-fi movie of all time. It recieved bad reviews from the critics and most of the fans of the original movie, but I actually thouht it was decent (for someone who did not see the 1951 movie). My movie experience was a pleasant one. But hey, we are not making a review of the movie. Rather this post aims to talk about (or ask about), well, you guessed it right, about alien technology and more.

In the movie, it was not discussed which part of the universe the alien came from, but it is greatly implied that indeed, it was "foreign" from earth. And he brought with him a technology very unknown and much more advanced than ours. If alien do exist, would they have the technology like these?

Maybe you're right, this is something we shouldn't talk about. But I'm sure everyone is curious. I mean, will they be a friend (
E.T.) or an enemy to us (Mars' Attacks)? Will they invade us in the near future (Independence Day and War of the Worlds)? Are they civilized than us (most of the alien movies) or are they in awe of the brilliance of man (A.I.)? Well, we can never tell.

The reason why I am making this post is that I may be just so overwhelmed by the reel world. But one of the main reasons why I am writing about this is because I would like to stress that in most of these films, the one that makes us stand out is because of our humanity. The reason why we win, why we end up saving the day or we befriends our alien visitors is that we stay human and true to our very nature. That we love and we care.

So if aliens visit our planet, one thing I can only advice, stay human. Only by our humanity, that we can be saved. So stay human. (And run, I guess, lol!)

Rod of the Future. .(@_O)"

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